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Just A Little Luck

Lucky Cat Set - Feng Shui Coin

Lucky Cat Set - Feng Shui Coin

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Maneki Neko or as we like to call these cute felines, Lucky Cats have a paw raised as to wave in good fortune for its owners. 
Each color variation has a special will ward off evil spirits, gold will bring wealth and prosperity, and white will bring happiness, purity, and positivity. 

♥♥For a little extra luck, our adorable Lucky Cats comes with a Feng Shui coin tied with a red string symbolizing wealth, abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. ♥♥

This adorable cat set is perfect for any and all feline lovers. These cuties may be small but sure bring a lot of luck!

Comes with 3 Cotton Gift Bags and 3 Explanation Cards.
Made hand poured concrete with a hand painted black finish, white finish, and gold finish
Dimensions: 1.5"W x 2.5"H each
Weight: 3 oz each.
*Platform not included.

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