Can Saint Joseph Really Help?

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Can Saint Joseph Really Help?

Some may ask...what is the point, it can't really work can it? Let's take a look.

Saint joseph statue


saint joseph statue

The tradition to bury a statue of Saint Joseph is hundreds of years old and it begins in Europe. As the story goes, nuns at a convent were in need of expanding their land. They prayed to Saint Joseph and followed the prayer with the burial of Saint Joseph Medals. A short time had passed and their prayers had been answered with the gift of more land. As with any story, there are always other stories that have been passed down from generation to generation and as time has passed the tradition lived on and changed from burying medals to burying statues of the Saint. 

You may be wondering....but why a statue of Saint Joseph? Joseph was a skilled craftsman and he was made a Patron Saint after teaching Jesus the craftsman trade...making sure Jesus was always well housed. This very reason is why he not only helped people find a home, but sell a home as well.

Burying a Saint Joseph Statue has become a common practice for millions of people on their home selling journey. It's important to know, you don’t need to be Catholic or Christian to take a chance on St. Joseph. For as long as I can remember my family has buried a Saint Joseph statue for every house they put on the market, each house selling shortly there after. This tradition is more than just a superstition, it is about believing in something truly larger than ones self, bringing hope back into the process. Whether you are a believer or not, success stories can be read and heard from all over the world.


Bury the Statue

You are going to want to bury the statue in your front lawn, or in a pot/planter near the front door if you live in a condo or apartment. Bury the statue upside down in the front yard, making sure he is facing the house. This placement is to ensure he is focused on your house as he wants to sell it fast. To protect him from the soil or the elements, place him in a plastic bag.

Say a Prayer to St. Joseph

There is no special prayer, it is just important to say a prayer to Saint Joseph for his help. 

Here is a prayer that can be said:

Dear and beloved Saint Joseph, who trusted in the providence of God when you were called to be the foster father of Jesus and spouse of the blessed Virgin Mary, obtain for us the grace to have complete trust in God. In this hour we entrust to you the intentions that we have of selling our house and finding another location where we may be able to live. We beseech you to help us in our decisions and in our trust in the grace of God to see his plan for us in everything that happens and to believe that what God wills is for our greater good.

Therefore through the intercession of Saint Joseph and through the example he gave in trusting in you, heavenly father, may we have our prayer answered if it is your holy will.


 Don't Forget

Once your prayers have been answered, the sale of your home, it is important to proudly display your Saint Joseph statue in your new home in a place of honor. This means, don't forget to dig up your statue before you move! 

Interested in putting this tradition to the test? Our Saint Joseph home selling kit comes with everything you need to start your new tradition and help sell your home fast.

Happy Home Selling! 


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