7 Ways to Add Luck To Your Home With Feng Shui

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7 Ways to Add Luck To Your Home With Feng Shui

Feng Shui can help welcome luck into your home and attract positivity to your space.


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Everyone looks for those small ways to bring just a little more luck into their life. One way of improving our luck in our day to day life is by applying the art of Feng Shui. Literally meaning 'wind' and 'water' Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form of arranging objects in a certain environment to achieve balance and harmony. The goal is to create harmony between ones self closer and their environment. 

There are a number of ways in which you can introduce Feng Shui into your home and start welcoming luck, so if you are ready, we are here to help!

One: Elephants

Lucky Elephant statue

In Feng Shui elephants represent strength, protection, wisdom, and good luck. These gentle giants are the largest living land mammal and are widely respected in many different cultures. You can choose to display a statue, painting, or even a ceramic elephant...any representation that you love will do just fine. Be sure to place your elephant near and facing the front door, this will welcome in good luck and positive energies not only into your home but into your life.




Two: Keep Your Windows Clean

Windows are a very important part of Feng Shui. Windows in your home are viewed as the eyes of those who are living their. By keeping your windows clean, it allows you to see the world and opportunities clearly. Dirty windows will lead to blurred perceptions.


Three: Laughing Buddha

A traditional symbol of good luck, happiness, and success the laughing buddha statue is one of the most widely used good luck charms. 

The symbol is thought to bring positive energy, wealth, and joyful blessings anywhere it is placed in the home. Be sure to choose a style you love and that makes you happy when you look at him. 

laughing buddha concrete statues in gold rose gold and concrete

Four: Plants

indoor plants touch of luck blog

It's true, bringing plants into your home will welcome good luck into your life. They are a symbol of life and positive energy, representing high vibrations and good luck. Plants will also help cleanse and purify your air, welcoming in fresh energy. Some plants are harder to care for than others so be sure to select plants that you are comfortable with caring for and if you have pets always make sure they are safe and harmless to your fur baby. 




Five: Keep Your Space Un-Cluttered

Minimalism has been around for ages, although you may be new to this trend it has been practiced in the art of Feng Shui since the beginning. You never want to keep unimportant things in your home because it is believed to block free movement and wind, one of the crucial elements in Feng Shui. So de-clutter and keep what is important to you, and allow for the free movement of positivity and clear thinking.


Six: Maneki Neko or Lucky Cats

lucky cat statues

Maneki Neko are a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and wealth. Although from the Japanese culture, these cute little felines can be used when applying the art of Feng Shui in your home.

The Lucky Cat typically features the colors white, black, gold and red, which in Asian cultures are considered celebratory colors. The freshness of the white color often gives off an energy in which people are drawn to. If you wish to attract the wealth aspect of the Lucky Cat place him in the southeast part of your home.




Seven: Fresh Flowers

That's right. Fresh flowers aren't just for special occasions. By adding fresh flowers around your home, every day will feel special. That specific feeling will help raise the positive energy and vibrations throughout your home, which in turn attracts more luck.






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